The Log Cabin

The pioneer log cabin standing near the edge of the Swiss Heritage woods was donated by Elfurt and Adele Blomenberg of Preble Township of Adams County. They are fourth generation descendants of the original owners, the Conrad Witte family, who migrated to America from Germany.

The cabin was constructed of hewn logs in the early 1840s and was dismantled in 1984 to make room for a modern house. The logs remained on the Blomenberg property until 1994 when they were brought to Swiss Heritage Village. The logs had remained in remarkably good condition and the cabin was reconstructed in the spring and summer of 1995.

Pioneer cabins were often composed of only one room and often did not have a wooden floor. That one room served as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, parlor, washroom and workshop. Beds were often fastened into the sides of the cabin much like berths in a ship. The fireplace was used for heating as well as cooking. Wood was in abundance, so only the large logs were carried in by the men to keep the fire burning. The cabins were lighted with Betty lamps; one end of the wick rested in a brass bowl filled with grease, and the other end was lighted. The cabin was built entirely without nails; even the hinges and locks for the doors were made of wood.