The Schoolhouse

The little red schoolhouse was built in 1881. Taken from its three brick construction, its approximate weight is 128 tons.

The back wall contains a row of hooks and a shelf on which the students hung their coats and hats and set their lunch pails. The platform in the front provided a place upon which the schoolmarm could instruct and children could perform. The bell in the belfry, rung by the teacher before and after school, is original. The desks range from very small to very large, as children of all grades were instructed here. The flag overhead dates to 1888. On it are only 45 stars, as Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma were not yet part of the Union.

The ordinance of 1787 mandated that education should be provided for the Northwest Territory, therefore the farthest any student had to walk was less than two miles.

The schoolhouse sat on the same plot of land at 400 West and 500 South for 110 years until it was donated to the Swiss Heritage Society by Chris Biberstein and moved to the Village in 1991.